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  2. Operation Neptune (1.7) Released! — February 27, 2014
  3. Operation Most III (1.62) Released! — December 3, 2012
  4. Operation Morgenrote (1.6) Released! — October 2, 2012
  5. Model/Texture Updates — July 21, 2011

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Operation Overlord (2.0) Released!

Aaaand another one! The Spring: 1944 team is overjoyed to bring you Spring: 1944 v2.0, Operation Overlord! This release includes all kinds of goodies, but the major features are two (!) new factions: Japan and Italy. In addition, the naval game has been entirely revamped — ships now have individually controllable/targetable turrets. These days Spring …

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Operation Neptune (1.7) Released!

Evidently two releases in two months wore us out for a whole year 🙂 We (the S44 devs) are incredibly pleased to release Spring:1944 v1.7 “Operation Neptune”. The main features in this release are a whole bunch of visual updates to our ships, and a handful of new naval units — all of this through …

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Operation Most III (1.62) Released!

Two releases in two months? What is this madness? Most III (1.62) is a minor update to Morgenrote, fixing a handful of bugs related to paratroopers, partisan drops, and flag capping with units inside transports. It also includes some small changes in unit visibility and partisan ambush mode. Happy holidays, and enjoy! The Spring 1944 …

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Operation Morgenrote (1.6) Released!

Hey all! Spring:1944 Operation Morgenrote (v1.6) has been released! We’ve all been pretty busy with real life in the last 15 months or so, but this represents a large improvement over 1.53, our last public release. FLOZi especially has done some awesome work fixing CRAIG (our AI) and improving the state of our internals for …

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Model/Texture Updates


Development has been going on for about two years now, and our Art Lead has realized that a lot of the earlier work — models and textures primarily — are beginning to show their age. So over the past month or two, S:44’s art devs have been “upgrading” a lot of the art in the …

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Branch Development Update – Finland & Italy


While we prepare for the M-series release, this may be a good time to reveal some of the branches of development which will not be making it into this release, but have been advancing in relative darkness; Finland and Italy, which should eventually be merged into the main game as complete sides. Finland, as a …

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Progress on M-Series release!


Hey all! Despite our quietness, progress is trucking right along, as anyone who’s had an eye on our SVN log will have noticed. Progress towards the first M-series release (tentatively titled Market Garden) has been significant, with loads of major additions, such as: Paratroopers for the US. Glider landings for the Brits. V1 rocket for …

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