Progress on M-Series release!

Hey all!

Despite our quietness, progress is trucking right along, as anyone who’s had an eye on our SVN log will have noticed. Progress towards the first M-series release (tentatively titled Market Garden) has been significant, with loads of major additions, such as:

  • Paratroopers for the US.
  • Glider landings for the Brits.
  • V1 rocket for Germans.
  • Ambush mode for Soviet partisans (keeps them hidden until they can throw their molotovs).
  • Mobile AA units.
  • An entirely revamped armor system (gun/penetration).
  • Turn commands (so you can angle those tanks to face just the right way).
  • Smoke shells (blind the enemy so you can advance!).
  • Huge revisions to the role of artillery, so it behaves less like direct fire support and more like long-range bombardment.
  • Streamlined ‘tech tree’ using a prerequisite system.
  • And loads more! 

Note: if you already have S44 installed, just grab the Spring Engine update from here: Springrts.com as you don’t need to install the whole game again.

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