Model/Texture Updates

Development has been going on for about two years now, and our Art Lead has realized that a lot of the earlier work — models and textures primarily — are beginning to show their age.

So over the past month or two, S:44’s art devs have been “upgrading” a lot of the art in the game. Some units are getting a simple texture touch-up to bring them up to par, while others like the entire Sherman series of tanks have been completely remodeled and retextured.

Check out the Screenshots section!


  1. ForbodingAngel says:

    Damn! Those models are win!

  2. BrokenShakles says:

    Love the new models! However, the scale of the tanks are wrong, the infantry models shoulders are about level with the top of a sherman hull, even though in real life a 6ft tall soldier’s shoulders would only be level with the top of the bogies/tread. It seems a shame to have such wonderful textures and then to play them down on undersized/off scale models.

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