Operation Most III (1.62) Released!

Two releases in two months? What is this madness?

Most III (1.62) is a minor update to Morgenrote, fixing a handful of bugs related to paratroopers, partisan drops, and flag capping with units inside transports.

It also includes some small changes in unit visibility and partisan ambush mode.

Happy holidays, and enjoy!

The Spring 1944 Team


  1. Lowdive says:

    YAYS! Now if someone could tell me why is my IP permanently banned from forum?

  2. Lowdive says:

    And for some reason the .sdz is not getting read by my springlobby 🙁

  3. Lowdive says:

    Nevermind, it’s just the link on #s44 channel
    the springfiles link is working fine.

  4. jin says:

    I just start downloading the new release. I cannot wait 🙂

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