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We’re always excited to help magazines, websites and other media outlets who wish to explore and write about S:44, so contact us for exclusive screenshots, statements and other information! The tag of “[Press]” or “[Media]” in your email will help us address it as priority.


We’re also always on the hunt for more people to help with this immense project. If you would like to help and are skilled in 2d game art (skinning/texturing), Lua coding, sound effects, voice acting, music, UVMapping, or creating 3d models, please let us know! An email to us (via the form below) with a subject tag with the area of your expertise (“[Music]”, “[Skins]”, “[Sound FX]” ect) with some examples of previous work and a good way to get in touch with you is the best way to get our attention and a quick response.


The form below can be used by anyone to get in touch with the team for any purpose. Alternatively, the S:44 forums are a great place to find us.

Thank you for contacting us!

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