About Spring: 1944

Spring: 1944 is a game that is well aware of the saturation of the WWII RTS genre, and strives to create something unique and worth playing in the face of that. Our goal as developers is to create a game for all brands of RTS players to enjoy, from hardcore WWII wargamers to more casual players just looking for a fun, free RTS. For us, realism is a tool to help define unit interactions, not a ‘written in stone’ set of rules that lock down our design and game play. After all – who really wants to have a tank break down in the midst of battle because of foreign mud in the petrol? We aim to abstract away from the aspects of the war that would lead to a frustrating and un-fun game, while retaining those that have drawn players and wargamers to the WWII setting for years.


Originally begun in 2002 as a single-unit modification for Total Annihilation called Axis & Allies TA, the game has since grown well beyond its original plans. The mod was completed in August of 2005, with the main dev at that point (M_26_7 / SpikedHelmet) deciding it was time to move on. Not long after, an …

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The Team

Current Dev Team Nemo – text monkey/co-lead. Having made his way onto the S44 team by doing the work that was too tedious for everyone else to go after, Nemo eventually became the formal lead of game balance & design. Works on balance, game mechanics, Lua scripting, and general text monkeying. FLOZi – resident socialist …

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