The Team

Current Dev Team

Nemo – text monkey/co-lead. Having made his way onto the S44 team by doing the work that was too tedious for everyone else to go after, Nemo eventually became the formal lead of game balance & design. Works on balance, game mechanics, Lua scripting, and general text monkeying.

FLOZi – resident socialist scholar/co-lead. FLOZi tackled the original port of AATA (S44’s ancient predecessor mod for Total Annihilation)  to the Spring engine, and has been cranking out work on and off ever since. He’s had a major hand in just about every aspect of the game apart from 2d art, but these days focuses on cleaning up S44’s code internals.

Yuritch – Yuri produces models so quickly and so well that after only a few months of starting work he had exhausted the entire remaining S44 unit list. He moved on to as-yet nonexistent factions like Italy, Japan, and Finland to keep himself busy. Once those were done, he started modeling props and all sorts of other things – aside from S44, you can find his excellent work in several Blitzkrieg mods. Ukrainian, plays USSR.


Godde – The most valuable thing a balance tester can do is play to win with the intent to break. Godde is a natural RTS talent who keeps pushing the boundaries of the balance system by trying out weird, micro-intensive builds while still (somehow) crushing everyone. Something about Swedes and computer games. Plays all factions with equal levels of dominance.

JAL – A game’s no good if nobody plays. JAL has probably logged more hours playing S44 than just about anyone else on the planet. Hails from Germany, plays Great Britain.

zCram – Most projects eventually reach a stage where the accumulated level of undocumented complexity creates a frustratingly high barrier to entry for new people. Aside from frequently reporting nasty in-game bugs and posting great replays, zCram helps keep us focused on smoothing out the experience for beginning players.

Totbuae – There’s an eye for detail, and then there’s Totbuae’s testing. Tot reports the sort of bugs that everyone else has long since ignored, stopped seeing, or never saw to begin with. S44 is a markedly better experience for his work. Plays US.

Others (in no particular order): ddabadabb, Buumi, Journier, woky2, lowdive, James, Pintle, 1v0ryk1ng, maackey, Goldsie, FXD, PPsh, se5a, Aurora, and others.


Koshi – displaying an incredible amount of tolerance for Nemo’s technical ineptitude, koshi has been generously providing S44 with hosting, website, installer help, and other varied technical assistance for years. One of the core developers for SpringLobby.


M_26_7 – otherwise known as SpikedHelmet, sometimes Zveroboy or Misanthrope. Co-Art Director & Master Texturer, Spiked single-handedly textured all of S44’s units, and produced a series of S44 specific maps/props. These days you can see his incredible 2d and 3d art in a Men of War mod. Canadian, plays Germany.

Felix The Cat –  former webmaster/3d artist.

Neddie – otherwise known as Neddiedrow. Enchanted by the project and execution thereof, he became a member of the team in part due to a desire to spread this enchantment across the world. Public Relations Lead & 2D Artist. American, favours Great Britain.

Evil4Zerggin – Lua coder, implemented a series of critical game mechanics and balance tools (vehicle armor and the aircraft system, for starters) with a high level of execution and polish. Additionally created a set of standards for turning real-world data into game values. Plays USSR.

Tobi – former lead dev of the Spring RTS engine upon which S44 is based, Tobi created C.R.A.I.G., S44’s AI opponent. He also plays a mean US.