Originally begun in 2002 as a single-unit modification for Total Annihilation called Axis & Allies TA, the game has since grown well beyond its original plans. The mod was completed in August of 2005, with the main dev at that point (M_26_7 / SpikedHelmet) deciding it was time to move on. Not long after, an early version of the Spring engine was released — an engine designed to run content from Total Annihilation, and Axis & Allies TA was soon ported by a fan, and then by FLOZi in November of 2005. The port was then released in December 2006 with a few bits of new content (mostly infantry models) and updated game play elements.

After that release, AATA was reborn as Spring: 1944 – a complete re-build from scratch, using all-new content and a new design philosophy. While our release schedule has been a tad on the erratic side, work has been progressing continuously ever since 2006, with published builds going out approximately once or twice a year. The game reached a nearly completed state between 2010-2011, and most of the work since that point has focused on balance, a handful of new gameplay mechanics, cleaning up the game’s internals and smoothing out the experience for new players.