Sometimes there are more than one versions of a given map. You should use the latest; the one with the greatest version number. Older ones most likely have a bug or a misfeature that has educed the necessity for a new version. Unfortunately there currently is no way to remove the old buggy maps from the automated hosts, so just refrain from using them for the time being. List of bad maps

Setting the map and using spawn boxes with Autohosts

Typing in full map names when using Autmatic hosts on Internet play can be tricky. Thus it is easier to go with the maps’ numerical id, because it is shorter, has no spaces/underscores in it nor is it case-sensitive. Line under every map name is an Autohost command to type or paste into the Battleroom window.

Only the game host can make and modify the spawn boxes, which is the recommended way for start positions (Game option: Start position type: choose-in-game). Thus when using an Autohost, one must provide the correct commands for the Autohost to set the startboxes up accordingly.

The following is the most prevalent setup.
Define two definite sides, for use with 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, etc:
!split v 20 (Vertical, with areas on the west and east sides of the map)
!split h 20 (Horizontal, with areas on the north and south sides of the map)
The number ’20’ above is the width of the corresponding box areas in percentages of the whole map.

For 4-way FFA, this is usually the best:
!corners a 20

For 3-way FFA, it’s a bit tricky, since all of the 3 boxes must be manually defined one by one. For this reason there are good defaults noted down on 3-way FFA capable maps below. Before using any of the !addbox commands, run a !clearbox

Downloading the maps

Maps are “.sd7” or “.sdz” files. To install those files, move them into (Unix) “˜/.spring/maps” or (Windows) “My Documents\My Games\Spring\Maps”. Use the “Reload maps/games” option from the “Tools” menu in SpringLobby.

Maps that have been made or customised for Spring:1944

The following list has been sorted by map area with increasing order. New players are encouraged to start out with the smaller maps first, those are easier to learn with. Note that the images of map textures do not represent relative size in themselves, you should take notice of the “Size:” parameter.

1944_Caucasus_Skirmish_V4.sd7 (5.9M)
Autohost cmd:!map 7085
Size: 6×6 Opposition: 1vs1, 2vs2, 4-way FFA.
Description: Flat with a center mountain.
1944_Cooper_Hill.sd7 (8.3M)
!map 11201
8×6 1vs1, 2vs2 with increased income.
Middle hilltop with passageways north and south. Vehicles can cross with a little effort.
1944_BocageSkirmish.sd7 (9.7M)
!map 7083
8×8 1vs1, 2vs2,
3-way FFA:
!addbox 52 0 20 20 1
!addbox 62 58 20 20 2
!addbox 0 30 20 20 3
Flat farm paddocs palisaded with trees.
1944_Red_Planet.sd7 (13M)
!map 13956
8×8 1vs1
Tiny hills mixed with small puddles of water.
1944_Village_Crossing_V2.sd7 (11M)
!map 7092
8×8 1vs1, 2vs2 with increased income.
Symmetric, with single-side-access sloped hills in the center and elevated areas in the corners and sides. Vehicles can run on the slopes but cannot access the corners.
1944_Terra_Firma.sd7 (17M)
!map 7988
12×14 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3.
Roadways between hills with a larger opening in the center. Vehicles tend to get stuck when sent through forested area.
1944_FloodBank_v0.sd7 (13M)
!map 8302
16×12 2vs2, 3vs3.
Rather too flat but better than nothing.
1944_Titan.sd7 (18M)
!map 8351
18×12 2vs2, 3vs3.
Four accessible hills break up otherwise wide open terrain. Medium resources.
1944_Kiev_V4.sd7 (27M)
!map 7089
12×18 2vs2, 3vs3.
High income. Vehicles will have to use the bridges, as they are not able to wade the streams at all places.
Nuclear_Winter_1944.sd7 (15M)
!map 8141
20×12 3vs3, 4vs4.
Open area with spawnpoints elevated. Hill in middle bottom. All water passable.
Verdant_1944.sd7 (9.1M)
!map 7938
16×16 1vs1, 2vs2.
Center labyrinth, Inpassable water bodies in the northeast and southwest corners. Vehicles can climb some of the hills, halftracks most of them.
1944_Road_To_Rome_V3.sd7 (38M)
!map 7091
18×18 2vs2, 3vs3 with increased income. 3-way FFA:
!addbox 5 0 10 10 1
!addbox 79 0 10 10 2
!addbox 84 82 10 10 3

, 4-way FFA.
Roadways surrounded by hills negotiable mostly to infantry. Back passages to your spawn!
1944_Prokhorovka_V2.sd7 (31M)
!map 14067
18×18 2vs2, 3vs3 with increased income. 3-way FFA:
!addbox 0 44 20 20 1
!addbox 80 0 20 20 2
!addbox 80 80 20 20 3

, 4-way FFA.
Flat with some gently-sloped hills. Vehicles can’t pass the waterways in the center.
1944_Moro_River_V1.sd7 (51M)
!map 14258
20×20 2vs2, 3-way FFA:
!addbox 16 66 20 20 1
!addbox 62 18 20 20 2
!addbox 66 64 20 20 3

, 4-way FFA.
Wide roadways inbetween steep ridges that can be crossed with infantry. Vehicles can cross water. Village in the center.
1944_Hill_128.sd7 (34M)
!map 8305
20×20 4-way FFA, 2vs2, 3vs3.
Hilly map with a center high peak. Roadways have varied elevation. Only infantry can pass over hilly areas, with only a few exceptions.
Europe_a2.sd7 (38M)
!map 8396
32×16 3vs3
Big map, partly water. Cities have a lot of buildings that can block tank and artillery fire.
1944_Liege_V2.sd7 (89M)
!map 8362
30×30 2vs2, 3vs3, 4-way FFA.
A map with gigantic proportions, demanding strategic thinking from early on. Village in the middle.
1944_river_valley_v4.sdz (113M)
!map 17069
30×30 3vs3, 4-way FFA.
Only the morally encouraged have any guts to take on battle on this map.

Other maps

These maps have been made for other games of the spring engine but need the income increased and/or have inconviniently many flagspots. Mappers – convert! Get these maps from

* AavikkoV2.sd7 | 20×20 |
* Alpine way v3.sd7 | 16×16 |
* ArcticPlainsV2.sd7 | 16×16 |
* ArcticZoneV3.sd7 | 32x32 | Low metal. Set "map command per player" to maximum and
use 100% resource bonus for every player. Lots of water for ships.
* Brazillian_Battlefield_Remake_V2.sd7 | 8×8 |
* Conquest_of_Paradise_v1.sd7 | 16×16 | Works very good with s44, albeit a tad many flagspots.
* County_Crossing-v03.sdz | 12×12 | Tex seems unecessarily bright, hurts my eyes.
* DireStrights.sd7 | 36×12 | Elongated lake with a narrow strip of land on the edge of it. Two
islets. Good for ship battles. Needs increased income.
* EE-RiverGlade-v02.sd7 | 16×16 |
* Evergreen_Haven-v04.sd7 | 12×12 | Epic infantry battles in dense forest!
* Foothill_Basin-v02.sdz | 12×12 |
* Hills_and_Valleys-v07.sdz | 16×16 |
* rysia.sd7 | 24×24 | Too many flagspots.
* River_Dale_Remake-v01.sd7 | 12×20 | Plays very well, but needs to have the river adjusted so
that vehicles could pass. Needs increased income.
* Tabula-v2.sd7 | 16×14 | Symmetrical, with a complex array of elevated surfaces. Too many flagspots.
* Tangerine-Fixed.sd7 | 16×16 | Land with bottleneck and water for ships.
* WesternFrontierV2.sd7 | 18×12 | Symmetrical map with both sides having elevated spawns and
steep ridges for protection. Vehicles and tanks will meet in the center along the banks of the
river. Needs to have the river adjusted so that vehicles could pass. Too many flagspots.
* Small_Supreme_Battlefield_V2.sd7 | 16×16 | Land with bottleneck and water for ships.