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US Infantry

this is a placeholder page for times when i'm not forced to play the game as proper soviets

Squads & Teams

  • Rifle squad: 4x Garand Rifle, 2x Thompson SMG
  • Rifle platoon: 8x Garand Rifle, 2x Thompson SMG, 2x BAR Light Machinegun
  • Assult platoon: 8x Thompson SMG, 2x BAR Light Machinegun, 1x Flamethrower, 1x Bazooka
  • Machinegun Squad: 3x Browning .30 Cal Machinegun
  • Anti-Tank Squad: 3x Bazooka
  • Sniper Team: 1x Springfield Sniper, 1x Scout
  • Mortar Team: 3x M1 Mortar, 1x Scout
  • Flamethrower Team: 4x Flamethrower
  • Pack Howitzer team: 1x 75mm M8, 1x Scout

Individual infantry

Garand Rifle

Like most US infantry troops, the rifle is shorter ranged, but is faster to fire. Usually combat with this weapon boils down to "can i get in range?", since once the range advantage is gone, the enemy will face the vastly superior firepower of the US rifle.

Thompson SMG

A slightly shorter ranged SMG than most, but the damage output is so absurd, you'll be thinking about usuing this one more creativly in the future.

BAR Light Machinegun

The BAR comes in pairs for the rifle squad, giving huge support power for no effort at all. Much like your average LMG, it's a support weapon with above average range.


Every child knows what a bazooka is. One of the longest ranged heavy infantry AT weapons with a 108mm penetration value. You'd think that the drawback is the fireing speed, but no - US troops have better reloading in general. You probably think i'm just dragging the suspence, but no - it's just the best AT unit in the game, with a squad of these costing only 350 command, comparing for and identical cost for the much less useful soviet AT grenade thrower.

Browning .30 Cal Machinegun

The least threatning HMG in the game, the Browning, despite being capable of dealing huge damage and rather cheap to make in large numbers, is also known for having a very low range and poor firing angle. It can, however, fire while mobile. This is usually much more preferable, as the deployed version will rarely see any action.

Springfield Sniper

The US sniper is your average sniper, without any fire rate increases you quickly get used to when using other US troops.


You know, the guy with a pistol. What's a pistol? well it allowes your enemies laugh how this funny sounding guy tries to defend himself. The use for this humoous unit? Tell him to fire at the ground and his non pistol weapon - the Bi.No.Cu.La.Rs will fire this high tech light-beding photon beam from the target area right into the scouts eye, allowing him to reveal any unit in the target area. US troops are high-tech, man.

M1 Mortar

A great way to deliver an oversized grenade to the enemy. With great range comes great distruction... sounds about right.


When other factions get cool SpecOps infantry, the US get and overpriced assult trooper. With the already powerful Thompson infantry in your arsenal, this shiny napalm spitter is mostly redundent, but can still be of use when combating in hilly areas or fighting armored targets (fire still does huge damage to tanks and buildings if you shoot long enough).

Pack howitzer

No, those two can't push any faster. A medium ranged, suprisingly accurate anti-infantry support weapon with limited anti-armor capacity. It's main drawbacks are the slow speed and lack of protection, as well as somewhat expencive ammunition.