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===United States===
===United States===
*[[M8 Scott]] (light close support tank)
*[[M4A3 Sherman 105mm]] (close support tank)
*[[M4A3 Sherman 105mm]] (close support tank)

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Assault Guns were a design of combat vehicle used primarily by Germany and the Soviet Union. Like the tank destroyers of these two factions, Assault Guns were turretless tanks that sacrificed tactical mobility for increased firepower and protection at lower costs. Unlike tank destroyers however, assault guns were designed to essentially act like turretless tanks, equipped with both high-explosive and armour-piercing ammunition types to make them equally suited to anti-infantry/soft target duty and anti-armour duty.

The German StuG III is armed with a 75mm gun identical to that found on the Panzer IV, giving it essentially the same amount of offensive firepower at a smaller cost. The Soviet Union can field two types: the SU-76, armed similarly to the T-34-76, and the much larger ISU-152, armed with a 152mm dual purpose gun.

The SU-76, unlike the StuG III, is much more lightly armoured than the T-34 and is vulnerable even to small-arms fire. The ISU-152 however is heavily armoured and boasts the largest-caliber ground-based weapon in the game in the form of its 152mm gun, which is capable of knocking out even the heaviest tanks.

In all three cases, assault guns are best used in defense, but will often be seen in offensive roles in place of tanks owing to their cheaper production costs.

Close Support Tanks

US and British forces use a vehicle similar to the assault gun, with some key differences, notably their lack of armour-piercing ammunition and inclusion of turrets.

The Cromwell CS, M8 Scott and M4A3 Sherman 105mm are close support tanks armed with powerful high-explosive direct-fire cannons for providing support against fortifications and enemy soft targets (unlike their German and Soviet counterparts which are normally equipped with armour-piercing ammunition). The Cromwell and Sherman variants maintain their secondary machineguns as well.

Assault Guns by Nation


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United States