British Infantry

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British Infantry

British infantry in 1944 are generally well-trained (in game terms, high hitpoints) and equipped troops with high individual and squad costs. Their infantry battles revolve around the Bren light machine-gun which is embedded in every rifle and command platoon, and the SAS British Infantry#Commando which appears in both assault platoons and specialized commando squads. Britain is hampered primarily by limited numbers on the field of battle.

Squads & Teams
  • Royal Command Squad: 3x #Sten SMG, 2x #Enfield Rifle, 1x Bren LMG
  • Long-Range Combat Platoon: 10x Enfield Rifle, 2x Sten SMG
  • Close-Quarters Assault Squad: 10x Sten SMG, 1x #Commando LZ
  • Machine-Gun Team: 1x #Vickers MG, 2x infantry:britain#Bren LMG, 2x #Scout
  • Anti-Tank Team: 3x #PIAT AT
  • Sniper Team: 1x #Enfield Sniper, 1x Scout
  • Mortar Team: 3x #3-In Mortar, 2x Scout
  • Commando Squad: 3x Commando
  • Landed Commando Squad: 6x Commando LZ
  • Glider Platoon: 8x Enfield Rifle, 2x Sten SMG, 1x 3-In Mortar, 1x Scout, 3x Bren LMG, 2x PIAT AT, 3x Commando LZ, 1x M8 Pack Howitzer (75mm)
Individual Infantry

Enfield Rifle

Sten SMG

Bren LMG

Vickers MG


Enfield Sniper


3 Inch Mortar