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Command Points are Spring:1944's primary territorial-based resource. Like many other games, they rely on the principle of securing territory (in the form of "Flag Points" or "Objectives"). In a more abstract way of thinking, Command Points translate into your capabilities as a battlefield commander -- the more successful you are, the more you are rewarded by your superiors. This has precedence with all armies during the Second World War; Montgomery, Patton, Rommel and Zhukov were all famous generals whose fame granted them more attention from the military commands of their respective nations.

Objective locations are predetermined points on a map chosen by the map designer on which a simple "flag" is placed. See below for an example of the Command setup of the Spring: 1944 map "Road to Rome":

Road to Rome objective point placement

Each Objective has a radius around it -- to capture an Objective point simply place infantry inside the radius. The more infantry inside the radius, the faster the flag will turn to your control. You do not need to directly interact with the flag "unit" itself, simply move infantry into the influence radius.

German, British and American infantry are all capable of capturing flags (with the exception of Engineers and some specialized infantry types). Soviet infantry and Partisans are also capable, but capture flags at a much lower rate (especially Partisans). The primary method of capturing flags for Soviet forces is using Commissars -- a single Commissar will turn and capture an Objective point as fast as an entire squad of German, British or American troops.

Economic Battles

Because of this 'territorial control'-based economy, it is important to capture and hold as many flags as possible. When a flag is captured it will constantly give its owner an amount of Command Points which increases to the double in 20 minutes if it remains in the same players ownership. The more flags you have and the longer you hold them up to 20 minutes, the higher the flow of command you will get. In turn, every unit or structure capable of building or requisitioning other structures or units (such as Engineers or Barracks) use up a specific amount of your Command Points for the duration of their building or requisitioning -- for instance, a Vehicle Yard producing an armoured vehicle will use up -30 Command Points per tick (second), requiring that you have captured enough Objectives on the map to satisfy that drain.

If your Command generation is lower than your drain, you will begin to "stall". Every tick, as soon as Command is input into your economy, more is taken out. If the drain is only slightly higher than your income, the construction process will only be slowed gradually; if you are draining much more Command than you are gaining however your construction and unit requisition can be slowed dramatically to nearly nothing. Therefore proper management of your Command gain and drain is key to uninterrupted deployment of your forces.