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War is tedious, expencive and boring, but fortunatly, Spring:1944 cuts out the boring part, and here's how:

All of your economy is split into two resources: command and logistics (and time, if you're one of those people). The importent one is command, as it makes war less expencive (still tedious, if you're one of those other people).


Getting command is easy: you always have a base income of +20 that only a cheater can take away from you. Usually this is nowhere near enough, but there is a solution to that: flags.

Flags are those rather large white circles around the map. If you zoom in, you'll see a flag pole in the center of the circle. As soon as the flag pole gets a flag that belongs to your team, you will get income from that flag.

Flag income grows exponentially over time, reaching it's maximum in 10 minutes of game time. If the flags owner changes, it's income is reset and will have to grow another 10 minutes until mature. This results in some unusual mechanics, where older flags are always more valuable, so raids are more productive if they are deep within enemy territory and capturing enemy flags is done more to relieve the enemy his older income then to aquire a little early income of a new flag.

Anything nearly useful in Spring:1944 is made by spending command. Construction units spend -15 command per second or -30 command per second (infantry or truck) on building. Construction can be assisted. Production buildings speand different amounts: -15 for HQ -20 for Barracks -50 for Gun yard -75 for Tank yard -100 for aircraft radars and ship yards. Production buildings cannot be assisted. There are some differences when it comes to upgrades or certain special factories and factions, but the general concept remains the same.

Repairing is always free of charge, but not everything can be repaired (try whacking someone on the head with a wrench and you'll see why). Reclaiming returns 65% of the unit reclaim with one condition: it must be active at the time or reclaim. Clearing battlefields is done mostly for the passing of shiny new tanks.


Anything bigger then a heavy machine gun will require some big shells that cannot be carried around in large numbers. For this reason a local storage point is needed, and it's called just that - supply storage. Each storage hold for just over 1000 logistics. They pop when sneezed on and cost a small fortune, but are required if you wish to field some heavier weaponry. Near the supply meater you can find a countdown timer - when this timer reaches 0, all your supply storages will get a full refill. More on how to use Logistics, see Fuel and ammo.