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20mm FlaK 38

The Flak 38 (Fliegerabwehrkanone) is the standard towed/emplaced anti-aircraft gun of the German faction. When built, it is in its towed version, and must be placed and deployed in order for it to be used.


The FlaK 38, being the smallest of all factions' towed anti-aircraft guns, is slightly underpowered for its role. However, despite its shorter range and less powerful punch, it is cheaper and has a higher rate of fire, evening it out. Like all guns, it carries little of its own ammo, so must be placed with a logistics supply nearby.

Game Statistics

__Built By__: guide:units:vehicles:germany:german gun yard\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:buildtime__: 12.50 seconds\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:command point guide:units:vehicles:germany:drain__: -50\\ __Speed (Towed)__: 3.8\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:mass (Towed)__: 300\\ __Armament__: guide:units:vehicles:germany:20mm flak 38\\ __Main Armament guide:units:vehicles:germany:ammo Storage__: 4\\