GMC 2.5-ton Truck

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The GMC 2.5t truck works as a general transport for infantry and towed guns, and has a second role as a supply truck.


Like other transport trucks, the GMC Truck has two roles: The transportation of infantry and providing logistical support to your army. Using trucks as transports can vastly decrease the time it takes for a fresh infantry platoon to reach the frontlines. Once there, trucks are able to unpack a cargo of ammunition, which provides nearby infantry with a subtle performance boost, and can resupply any ammunition based weapon (tank gun, artillery...)

A correct use of such a simple transport unit, can mean the difference between a fierce and appalling expansion in the battlefield; or a long struggle for key territory with the enemy.

It must be noted that special teams like mortars or machine-gunners aren't as fast as normal infantry, and they usually arrive to the action when it's too late, so the GMC Truck becomes a worthy investment to transport such special support teams.

At last, it shouldn't be surprising to say that the GMC Truck can also tow a pack howitzer, greatly speeding the deployment of this important support unit into the front lines.