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British Strength

The British field some of the best infantry in the game, which greatly helps them gain land in the beginning. The HQ squad is rather small, but it is the only HQ squad to provide with light machine guns and is the fastest way to get infantry ifre support this early on.

Lots of tools the british have empasize this, like a rather cheap armored infantry transport and glider infantry. In most situations, when you see your enemy has a similar amout of infantry, expect a rather swift victory.

The british have some good anti-tank aircraft as well, making for very risky combo's, allowing you to play quickly, not giving others time to understand what you are doing and where you're gonna hit next.

British Weakness

British weakness lies in armor. Not to say that britsh armor is bad, but it's either overpriced, or pretty easy to destroy. In the end, you're more likely to use tank destroyers, as the heavier versions become very efficient and easy to use overall.

One other rather annoying aspect of the GBR faction is the artillery. Despite having the longest ranged guns in the game, they deal several times less damage, making them at most infantry support weapons. Using them to destroy buildings will take longer then usual if you don't have any sight of the location.


Great Britain's infantry in Spring: 1944 are often described as "excellent" or "superior". They are exceedingly slow to recruit as well as incomparably expensive to train and equip, but even compared to Germany's well-trained or battle-hardened men they often prove, one for one, more effective.


British vehicles are slightly below average in combat, but they make up for it in supporting roles. British light armor relies on superior infantry to stay hidden from the enemy and be able to see enemy armor themselvs. Late game vechiles focus on this aspect, in essence bringing poorly armored cars with exceedinly big guns to do the dirty work.


For what they do, british tanks aren't really cheap. True, they can be desribed as above average in both armor and firepower, but you will rarely see a british player making them, as the AEC heavy car or achillies heavy tank destroyer are much preffered.


When people think of the british aircraft, they will probably think of the glider infantry. Being able to sneak in deep behind the lines in a very short peroid of time, this is one of the most powerful moves of the GBR. But british aircraft can also demontrate good anti-tank capabilities. But still your main way of applying pressure is through gliders.


When it comes to long ranged guns, GBR definatly got the range part right. Outranging every other gun in the game, the 25 pounder is great at suppresing enemy artillery as well as reaching those hard to scratch places. The drawback is not even the cost - it's the damage. British artillery are much better at suppresing then actually killing, since they deal about 4 times less damage on direct hits.

The TD guns are another story - at over 100mm penetration at max range, they retain their power even at the late stages of the game. While also having very good projectile speed and range, they are the most powerful deployable AT guns in the game.

Since the AT gun is so good, there is a mobile version just as threatning