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Halftracks are utilized by all factions in Spring: 1944. They provide similar logistics support roles as trucks, in lightly armed and armoured vehicles.

The US, British and Soviet factions all utilize the same American-designed halftrack, armed with a copula-mounted .50 caliber machinegun. Their German counterpart is the sd.kfz 251, armed with a single 7.62mm MG42. All halftracks produce a constant radius of logistical support; though a smaller area than deployed logistics stockpiles, this can provide a highly mobile source for keeping frontline units resupplied.

Halftracks are often used in groups to support infantry-heavy forces. Because of their relatively large size, low armour and small weaponry, they were very vulnerable to all sorts of offensive combat vehicles. However, when kept close to infantry formations, the increased supply they provide, as well as their added firepower, can turn the tide in infantry engagements.