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Infantry are the backbone of any army, and serve as both most important and most common unit type in Spring: 1944. Primary uses include: scouting, flag capping, cheap firepower and distraction targets. If you have no infantry at a location, you will notice that you can't really see much. Since looking out of a small hole in a tank gives you a much smaller view angle, you will often overlook small infantry squads creeping up to you, often spelling certain doom to you more expensive forces.


The backbone of your army. Rifles can be made from HQ's (often called HQ squads) and Barracks (rifle squads). Despite having a low rate of fire, they are cheap to make, easy to use and have good range. Rifle troops are also equipped with grenades that deal considerable damage even to lightly armored targets if they get within throwing distance. Rifle troops can capture flags.

In most situations, making rifle squads is a good choice, as the squad is fairly universal in applications on the field.


More commonly known as assult infantry, these troops are short ranged, but can dispatch infantry in a few shots. Their volleys are extreamly deadly and always accurate. Unlike most infantry, you will not observe a loss in effectivness when using assult infantry in smoke screens. Assult troopers can use grenades as well as capture flags. The best way to get these troopers is by making an assult squad in a barracks. Due to having much lower range then rifles, they will almost always lose in a fair fight with them, since they will get suppressed before getting into range. But in situations when they can fire at the same time, assult infantry almost never suffers losses. This is most common in hilly terrain, when line of sight is easely broken and in deployed smoke screens.

They are made mainly at the barracks by the assult squad, but you also get some in the rifle squad and the HQ squads.

Light Machineguns

A powerful anti infantry support weapon. Light machine guns are mainly used to supress a small group of infantry for rifle or assult troops to finish off. They are very valueable on the field and are often targeted first, when encountered. Light machine gunners do not carry grenades, so their use is limited as anti infantry support. They deal slightly below average damage, compensating with very high suppresion. You cannot capture flags with light machine gunners. They are made in various squads, depending on your faction. Most commonly in assult squads and heavy machinegun squads

Medium/Heavy Machineguns

Usually universally referred to as heavy machine guns, they are slow, deployable long range and powerfull anti infantry support weapons. When undeployed, they are usually not a threat at all, as they cannot fire and are easy to get rid of. When deployed, they become long ranged hardpoints with similar effects to those of light machine gunners, with the exception of having significantly more health. Destroying heavy machine gun nests with infantry is nearly impossible, unless mortars are involved or proper flanking is used.

Heavy machine guns can be made in the barracks. They have a seperate squad just for themselves and a few supporting units, depending on your faction. Obviously, heavy machine gunners cannot capture flags or use grenades.

Anti-Tank Infantry

Applications are obvious and deadly, AT infantry has varying weapons depending on faction and type. From weakest to strongest, you will encounter AT rifles, AT grenades and AT missiles. AT rifles are similar to normal rifles with the exception of added armor piercing potential. Not to be relyed on, they are somewhat weak, but have very long range - slightly better then that of normal rifles. Unfortunatly, these troops do not have grenades for close combat, but can help fight other infantry. AT grenades are most common and destroy most tanks in one hit. The drawback is the speed of the tank itself, as it provides a very small window of oppertunity. They have the lowest range, unless propelled by some mechanism like a launcher or a rocket. AT missiles are similar to grenades with the exception of not following a ballistic trajectory.

AT troopers can attack infantry if they get in range, but cannot capture flags. They are made in the barracks with the AT squad, but they also accompany other squads, like the assult squads, but in much smaller numbers (with the exception of italy - they have no AT squad or any heavy AT infantry unit at all)


Mostly a non-combat unit, scouts are used for their large area of effect secondary weapon - the binoculars. When oredered to attack ground, the scout will reveal a small patch around the designated area, showing you any units there, including cloaked ones. Scouts are stealth units when not revealing ground. They cannot capture flags and their only means of self-defence is a pistol. Like all stealth units, scouts have a very low sight range. They can be made in the barracks, by making heavy or support squads, like Heavy machine gunners, snipers or mortar squads.


A support unit that requires a rather large supply to maintain. They can fire explosive shells that make quick work of any infantry, or deploy smoke screens. To use them effitiently, you will require to have line of sight to your target, otherwise mortar fire will be chaotic, as no inforamtion will be available to improve targetting. A direct hit will severly damage trucks and cars, as well as any deployed weapons, including machine gun nests and field guns.

A squad of mortars constantly fireing will require a whole supply depot of logistics. Mortars are slow, cannot capture flags and only have the mortar for a weapon. They are made in the barracks, by making the fire support squad (usually referred to as the mortar squad)


Elite marksmen, they always kill something when they fire. A somewhat long ranged unit, snipers are slow and able to cloak when not fireing. As all cloaked units, snipers have a very low sight range, compensated by a scout, given for each sniper squad. Snpers cannot attack any armored units, nor can they capture flags. They have a reasonable suppresion capacity. A single sniper can, in a few shots, supress a small squad of infantry and keep them pinned down.

Snipers are made in the barracks, with the sharpshooter squad.

Special Infantry

Partisans, commandos, flamethrowers, paratroopers


With a build menu unique to it's faction, engineers are required to make basic production facilities. While cheap, making stuff is their only power. They have no weapons, a below average sight range and cannot capture flags (with the exception of the soviet commissar - who has a minimalistic build list, but is the primary flag capturing unit for the soviet union)

They are made at the HQ or at the barracks with the engineer squad.

Infantry by Nation