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Here is all of the information concerning how to get the lattest SVN S44, or "mutators" of S44 like the deployment mode, or a particular revision.

Some bugs can be encountered, but these versions of S44 are generaly worthwhile.

By using SpringDownloader/Rapid

SpringDownloader (or " SD " ) has become a client . It depends on .NET framework (version 4.0 at the time when this article has been written) so you should update your .NET before installing it. ( Linux users, see the link below to find an alternate software)

This client will allow you to download any mod, just by joining a room. (Datas downloaded by SpringDownloader are not stored in maps and mods folder and should not be manualy touched).

Among the downloadable mods, there is "rapid" mods. Those are entitled with numbers like "stable-8025" or "test-2804", the test mods are automaticaly built by using the lattest modification made on a mod of spring (even if these modifications are not in an official release of the mod). You can use SD to play, or use Springlobby or TASclient to play after you got the mod.

All usefull informations about how to use SpringDownloader are here : .

Directly from the SVN Repository (OUTDATED~)

  • make sure you have the spring engine (at least version 88.0) properly installed. With Ubuntu you can install it with:

sudo apt-get install spring-engine

  • make sure you have the **games** directory inside main spring directory. On Ubuntu it's found at **/usr/share/games/spring/**:

cd /usr/share/games/spring/ ls games

  • if it's missing create it with:

sudo mkdir games

  • download **Spring: 1994** from svn, e.g. in your home directory:

cd svn co

  • connect the spring engine to the downloaded **Spring: 1994** svn:

cd /usr/share/games/spring/games sudo ln -s ~/S44Main.sdd/ .

  • make also sure you have the **maps** directory with some maps:

cd /usr/share/games/spring/ ls maps

  • otherwise create it and download some maps from [[1]]:

cd /usr/share/games/spring/ sudo mkdir maps cd maps sudo wget

  • to update to newer **Spring: 1994** svn just do an **svn up**:

cd ~/S44LiteRelease.sdd/ svn up