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Jagdpanther is a heavy German tank destroyer, also known as the Jagdpanzer V. Jagdpanther literally means "Hunting Panther". "Hunting" tanks, or Jagdpanzers, are dedicated tank destroyer vehicles, with hull-mounted heavy guns.


The Jagdpanther was ordered in 1942 and first fielded in January 1944, with 415 units eventually being produced. The design took the chassis of the PzKpfw. V Panther and extended the hull armor up the sides to create an armored casemate housing a PaK 43/L 71 88mm antitank gun. Additionally, the Panther base chassis was improved by thickening the side armor (an improvement later incorporated on the Panther Ausf. G beginning in April 1944) and an upgraded final drive and transmission, ameliorating the Panther's worst design flaw and increasing its mechanical reliability. The Jagdpanther mostly saw service on the Eastern Front, although a number of units were transferred west for the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944 and one battalion fought in Normandy. They were deployed similarly to heavy Tiger tanks in independent schwere-Panzerjager Abteilungens (heavy Tankhunter Battalions) of 3 companies of 14 Jagdpanzers plus 3 battalion HQ vehicles, for a total of 45 tank destroyers.

Combat Performance

Like the Jagdpanzer IV, the Jagdpanther provides for heavier firepower over the Panther by mounting a larger gun directly onto the hull. Its lack of turret reduces its tactical viability, but its long-barreled 88mm gun makes it arguably the deadliest specialized tank destroyer in the game and it has all the formidable durability and mobility of its Panther half-sibling.

Game Statistics

__Built By__: german gun yard\\ __buildtime__: 91.00 seconds\\ __command point drain__: -75\\ __Speed__: 2.81\\ __mass__: 4550\\ __Armor_Front__: 113\\ __Armor_Rear__: 44\\ __Armor_Side__: 46\\ __Armor_Top__: 25\\ __Armament__: Hull-mounted 88mm kwk 43 l_71\\ __Main Armament Ammo Storage__: 15\\