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Jagdpanzer IV/70 is Germany's primary medium tank destroyer. Jagdpanzer roughly translates to "Hunting Tank". Jagdpanzers differ from Panzerjagers in that the latter are generally interim converted vehicles not well suited to the role, while Jagdpanzers are more dedicated designs. The Jagdpanzer IV is based on the chassis of the Panzer IV.


The Jagdpanzer IV was designed as a possible replacement for the StuG III. Armed with the same extra long-barreled 75mm gun as the Panther, it is a powerful tank destroyer, able to outrange most Allied tank guns and protected by moderately thick armour. Jagdpanzers never did replace the cheaper StuG III, instead supplementing Germany's growing tank destroyer arm.

Combat Performance

Like assault guns, tank destroyers used by Germany and the Soviet Union generally lacked turrets, opting instead for hull-mounted cannons on modified existing chassis to reduce costs. Like all tank destroyers they suffer a vulnerability to infantry and soft targets as they lack high explosive ammuntion, but excel in destroying enemy tanks.

Detailed Unit Info

__Built By__: german gun yard\\ __buildtime__: 33.00 seconds\\ __command point drain__: -75\\ __Speed__: 2.59\\ __mass__: 2580\\ __Armor_Front__: 106\\ __Armor_Rear__: 20\\ __Armor_Side__: 36\\ __Armor_Top__: 20\\ __Armament__: Hull-mounted 75mm kwk 42 l_71\\ __Main Armament Ammo Storage__: 15\\