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Japaniese Infantry

The Japaniese infantry core is rather weak. Rather than being weak and cheap like the soviets, they are weak and gimmicky. Most of your basic forces rely on some sort of infantry support weapon to be present and crumble instantly as soon as that weapon is removed. The japaniese don't have trouble accessing these weapons though, as tankettes come in pairs and knee mortars are given with every rifle platoon. Most of their armor is dirt cheap to help with the infantry support role even further.

Squads & Teams

  • Rifle Squad: 5x Arisaka Type 99, 1x Type 100 SMG
  • Rifle platoon: 8x Arisaka Type 99, 1x Type 100 SMG, 1x Knee Mortar
  • Assult platoon: 9x Type 99 SMG, 1x Type 99 LMG
  • Machinegun Squad: 2x Type 99 Machinegun, 1x Type 98 Heavy Machinegun, 1x Scout
  • Anti-Tan Squad: 2x Type 3 AT Grenade, 1x Type 4 Rocket launcher
  • Sniper Team: 1x Arisaka Type 99 Sniper, 1x Scout(Spotter)
  • Mortar Team: 3x Type 97 81mm Mortar, 1x Scout(Spotter)
  • Type 4 200mm Mortar: Heavy Rocket Mortar

(Untill i get a solid answer regarding types for infantry as well as the difference between scout and spotter, i'm going to assume type 99 rifle, type 100 smg, type 97 lmg, Type 5 rocket mortar and spotter == scout. Maybe a dev/historian will fix this mess -Kmar)

Individual infantry

Type 99 Arisaka Rifle

The Arisaka Rifle is not a bad weapon - it does shoot bullets like all rifles do. It just doesn't do it as well as others. When in an even fight this rifleman will most probably lose to any other rifle, including the soviet Mosin. Just like the Mosin, the Type 99 relies on infantry support to reduce damage taken, as it does scale faster than most rifles with numbers.

Type 100 SMG

Sure, the Type 100 SMG might not be as good as other SMG units, but it's reliance on early infantry support actually allowes it to get up close in even fields, making it the only SMG to be able to engage rifles under normal circumstances regularly. Of course, as soon as this happens, the riflemen put down their weapons and go to sleep.

Type 97 Machinegun

Your normal support weapon for defencive purposes (see Knee mortar for explanation). The Type 97 behaves like any light machine gun in the game.

Type 98 Heavy Machinegun

The Type 98 is a rare sight, as the Japaniese are made for unstable front lines, been able to push quickly, but never to really hold their ground for long. Of course, a heavy machine gun fixes that problem rather quickly. The drawback of the Japaniese HMG is it's fire rate. It's not bad, but other factions get much better results.

Type 4 Rocket Launcher

A quick reminder: Spring:1944 is set in the year of 1944. These are times when rocket launchers were not only cool, but cheating. This medium ranged AT solution will demolish most tanks in a blink of an eye. It will take several of those blinks to reload the weapon, however, as it's main drawback is the rare second shot - most Type 4 tropers don't live long enough to make it.

Type 3 Anti-Tank Grenade

A lighter solution to the moving armor problem, the Type 3 is both quick to fire and reload for a second shot. Hand thrown grenades have much less effective range, as well as much lower penetration capabilities, but it's usually more than enough for mid-tier tanks.

Type 99 Arisaka Sniper

Your usual sniper - behaves like a longer ranged rifle with longer reloads, better range and instagib. Costs like a small group of men, so use against equally costly targets.


Special thin oval lenses allow your men to use optics like any other. They shoot magic revealer ammo out of their eyes that reveal everything near the patch of land they hit. Attack ground with these units to show a small area, as well as any units (hidden or not) lurking there.

Type 97 81mm Mortar

Everybody needs a mortar, so here's a type 97 to furfill your longer ranged needs. Use the overpriced ammo for this weapon to blow up groups of infantry, fortifications, light armor and buildings. Just note that your mortars are slightly worse than average (now you'll be thinking that every time you use them, even though the difference has no effect for units that one shot other units of it's class).

Knee Mortar

Cut a mortar in half and you get this thing. Most often used to create smoke screens for infantry. This is not as difficult to do, as you get a knee mortar with ever rifle platoon to compensate the suck that follows your Type 99's. The damage they do is minimal and is usually shrugged off unless you get a proper number of them, which is harder then it sounds, as it's range is comparable to that of a heavy machine gun rather than a proper mortar. It's use is almost always limited to infantry support due to it's lack of range and firepower (the smoke screen is a normal mortar smoke bomb, so you do get the full effect there)

Type 5 200mm Rocket Mortar

You have a mortar, a small mortar and this thing. The type 5 Rocket Mortar fires expencive (although comparingly cheap) rockets with increadable accuracy. The rockets will destroy anything up to a medium tank in just one hit. This is also the only rocket artillery with a smoke weapon as well. the drawbacks are the tedious relocation procedures, as you need to deploy it before use and it's deployed state has a very, very narrow fireing arc. The range and damage of this mortar allow effective use to the very late game, when it can snipe high value targets (making 10x cost in one shot) as well as provide basic long-ranged support for your infantry