LeIG 18 (75mm)

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75mm leIG 18

The leIG 18 is Germany's standard light infantry support gun. Its full designation is leichter Infanterie Geschutz (light infantry gun) 1918.

Combat Performance

The leIG 18 is a light infantry support gun, similar to that with which the Panzer IV was initially designed with; a low-velocity, high-arcing 75mm cannon. As a light design it is able to be moved by its crew without the need of transportation vehicles. It provides infantry with medium-distance high explosive ordnance capability, similar but more accurate, direct and powerful than mortars.

Game Statistics

__Built By__: guide:units:vehicles:germany:german barracks, guide:units:vehicles:germany:german gun yard\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:buildtime__: 12.80 seconds\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:command point guide:units:vehicles:germany:drain__: varies\\ __Speed__: 0.75\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:mass__: 600\\ __Armament__: 75mm leIG 18\\ __Main Armament guide:units:vehicles:germany:ammo Storage__: 4\\