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The Wolverine is the United States tank destroyer. Unlike all other factions, it is built from the Tank Yard in addition to a Tank Destroyer-upgraded Gun Yard.



Prewar US ground combat doctrine was heavily influenced by "lessons" learned in the German blitzkrieg of 1940, as well as prevailing ideas on the use of tanks in combat. US tanks were intended to serve as infantry support and breakthrough exploitation vehicles, and were not expected to fight enemy armor. For this purpose, "tank destroyer" battalions consisting either of towed antitank guns or GMCs (Gun Motor Carriages) equipped with antitank weapons were to be held in reserve at the Corps or Army level for rapid deployment against enemy armored breakthroughs. The ideal tank destroyer in this concept could outrace and outmaneuver a tank, while packing a gun powerful enough to destroy heavy armor.

At the start of the war, the M10 was a vast improvement over the previous M3 (an M3 halftrack armed with a 75 mm gun) and M6 (a Jeep with a rear-mounted 37 mm cannon) GMCs. Based on a modified M4A2 chassis with an open-topped turret, thinner armor, and a lower profile, the design was actually somewhat more robust than the idealized concept of a light, fast tank destroyer. First seeing service in the Tunisian campaign of 1943, it was quite capable of taking on the Panzer III and IV tanks of the Afrika Korps. However, once deployed to Sicily and Italy the massed battalions were often broken up piecemeal and assigned to regular infantry and armor units as antitank support, a policy that continued on into the Normandy campaign and beyond. By late 1944 the M10 was partially supplanted by the lighter, faster M18 Hellcat and the M36 Jackson (basically a modified M10 with a 90 mm antitank gun); nevertheless it saw service through war's end. M10s were also provided through Lend-Lease; dissatisfied with the performance of the 76 mm gun many British M10s were rearmed with 17-pounder antitank guns and designated 17-pounder "Achilles" tank destroyers. Standard M10s were termed "Wolverines" by the British; unlike similar British designations for American equipment ( Sherman, Priest, Stuart) it was not used by American forces.

Combat Performance

The M10 is cheaper than the 76mm armed Sherman and available from the standard tank yard, but those are the extent of its advantages. The M10 lacks an anti-infantry weapon (in-game the 76 mm gun is only armed with AP shot and the pintle MG is only used as an anti-air weapon) and has less armor than the Sherman. While the 76 mm gun is effective against most light and medium armor, it pales in comparison to the German high-velocity guns mounted on the Jagdpanzer IV, Panther, Jagdpanther, Tiger I, and Tiger II. Moreover, the M10's weapon is of limited use against the frontal armor of heavy German and Soviet armor. Ambush tactics must be used, although unlike the Sherman the M10 has to be well-screened against even standard infantry. Despite the outward resemblance the M10 is not a tank and cannot stand up to even the limited amount of punishment a Sherman can withstand.


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