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M16 MGMC Light Anti-Aircraft Halftrack

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The M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage is United States' special mobile anti-air halftrack.


Armed with a Maxson M45 Quadmount with 4 M2 .50 cal Brownings, this Halftrack is intended for light anti-air patrol, able to repel enemy fighters and support aircraft.

This vehicle is a good option to support your infantry or tank columns, providing light anti-air cover fire, it sure makes enemy fighters think twice before diving in. But due to its light firepower, it's not the best countermeasure against ground attack planes or bombers.

If you have the command to set up Bofors stationary AA guns, it should be your priority to do so then. As they provide much better defense with the added ability to defend against infantry as well.

You should only produce this vehicle when your logistics supply is short (as it doesn't require even the minimal logistic supply to fire), or you are in an assault situation where you can't set up defenses on the go, so that you must bring mobile AA.