Panzerjager Marder

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The Panzerjager Marder is a cheap interim tank destroyer readily available for German forces.


The Marder series of tank destroyers were concieved in 1942-1943 as German military gains netted a surplus of captured enemy combat vehicles. Owing to a lack of heavy anti-tank power, Germany decided to convert many of these vehicles into Panzerjagers, interim tank destroyers based on often sub-par chassis with a powerful anti-tank gun incorporated into its design. Panzerjagers differ from Jagdpanzers in that the latter are more dedicated factory designs.

Combat Performance

The Marder, being available from light vehicle yards, are readily available anti-tank units. Armed with the same gun as the Panzer IV and StuG III (albeit with only armour piercing ammunition), it is quite adequate against most enemy tanks. As it lacks high explosive ammunition or defensive machineguns it is quite susceptible to infantry and light vehicles. Prior to upgrading to a Tank Destroyer gun yard or building a tank depot, the Marder provides a relatively cheap and effective antiarmor unit to support your infantry.

Game Statistics

__Built By__: german vehicle yard, german gun yard\\ __buildtime__: 16.00 seconds\\ __command point drain__: -50\\ __Speed__: 3.11\\ __mass__: 1050\\ __Armor_Front__: 10\\ __Armor_Rear__: 10\\ __Armor_Side__: 13\\ __Armor_Top__: 10\\ __Armament__: Superstructure-mounted 75mm kwk 40 l_48\\ __Main Armament Ammo Storage__: 6\\