Nebelwerfer 42

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Nebelwerfer 42 is a towed rocket artillery piece used by Germany.

Combat Performance

THe Nebelwerfer 42 is a 150mm rocket artillery piece comprised of a 6 barreled launcher. Rocket artillery make for excellent sudden bombardments; they release their payload much quicker than cannon artillery to saturate an area with high explosives in a short amount of time. However after firing they have a long reload time and use up a great deal of logistics.

Game Statistics

__Built By__: guide:units:vehicles:germany:german gun yard\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:buildtime__: 36.00 seconds\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:command point guide:units:vehicles:germany:drain__: -50\\ __Speed (Towed)__: 4.5\\ __guide:units:vehicles:germany:mass__: 300\\ __Armament__: 150mm Nebelwerfer 42\\ __Main Armament guide:ammo Storage__: 4\\