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The SU-100 is an improved Soviet tank destroyer, taking the modified T-34 chassis of the previous SU-85, increasing the armor, and mounting a more powerful 100mm antitank gun.


The SU-100 first began production in September 1944. The previous SU-85, while a formidable tank destroyer, carried the same weapon as the now-standard production T-34-85 medium tank and was considered redundant. Armor thickness was improved by 60%, and the 100mm D-10s gun proved so successful that Soviet T-54 and T-55 tanks of the Cold War would continue to carry it. Capable of defeating the frontal armor of the Panther from 1500 meters, the SU-100 earned the sobriquet "Pizdets vsemu" - "F***ing end to anything" from its crews. The SU-100 had a long career after WWII; at present (2010) it is still reportedly in active service with the Vietnamese and North Korean armies and may be in reserve storage in several other ex-Soviet client states.

Combat Performance

The D-10s gun of the SU-100 actually outperforms the 122mm gun of the IS-2 heavy tank and the 152mm gun of the ISU-152 in armor penetration; it was considered for use as the main gun of the IS-2 (the 122mm was selected due to greater availability and higher explosive capacity). The SU-100 is arguably one of the deadliest dedicated tank destroyers in the game, behind the German Jagdpanther and British Achilles. Like all fixed-casemate tank destroyers though, the gun has a limited traverse and is ill-suited to close combat with enemy tanks.