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Ships allow you to gain combat power in the sea, which you can use in many ways. First and most important, you can transport all kinds of ground forces across the seas. Second, you can bombard enemy forces from the water. Third, you can prevent the enemy from exploiting the first two possibilities.

Ships vary in size from small infantry boats up to powerful ground bombardment vessels capable of firepower no other unit can even dream of. Their protection varies from no armor at all to fully-armored craft comparable (and sometimes even exceeding) to the level of protection of medium tanks.

Ships by Nation


Great Britain

Soviet Union

United States

  • PG-117 (light infantry transport)
  • Pontoon Raft (improvised vehicle transport)
  • DUKW (amphibious truck)
  • PT-103 (light support/torpedo boat)
  • LCVP (infantry landing craft)
  • LCT (vehicle landing craft)
  • LVTA-4 (amphibious support tank)
  • LCSL (direct fire support craft)