Soviet Infantry

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Soviet Infantry

Soviet infantry is trained in moments, with the training mostly consisting of "here's a gun, death comes out of here. Good luck!". As a result, the infantry core is extreamly cheap to use. A squad of soviet infantry is only slightly inferior to equal numbers of enemy equivelents, but will almost always lose in a fair fight, while doing little damage in return. An equal investment, however, will always prevail, since your infantry are actually armed with rather good weapons (mostly).

A soviet infantry squad averages out at around 1k. This turns out to also be a very good mesuring unit, as a tank can be converted to equivelent infantry squads just by dividing by 1k.

Soviet infantry really shines in late game scenarios, where they are reduced to a support role as spotters for tanks - since soviet spotters are cheaper, they can focus more on tanks - you know, one of the best tanks in the game. Yeah, those things - kinda important.

Squads & Teams

  • Political Commissar group: 3x Commissar
  • Rifle platoon: 9x Mosin-Nagant Rifle, 2x PPsh-43 SMG, 1x PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle
  • Assult platoon: 11x PPsh-43 SMG, 1x RPG43, 1x DP Light Machinegun
  • Machinegun Squad: 1x Maxim Heavy Machinegun, 2x DP Light Machinegun, 1x Scout
  • Anti-Tank Assult Squad: 3x RPG43, 1x PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle
  • Sniper Team: 1x Mosin-Nagant sniper, 1x Scout
  • Mortar Team: 3x M1937 Mortar, 1x Scout
  • Partisan Contingent: 12x Partisans

Individual infantry

Mosin-Nagant Rifle

It's a good rifle - accurate, with good rate of fire and damage. The problem is in the soldier - you have significantly less health per soldier then equivelent riflemen. If the enemy won't fire back, you won't even notice that you hae inferior infantry. This is rarely the case, but this means anything that breaks the fireing ability of the enemy will give a huge advantage to your troops.

PPsh-43 SMG

Suprisingly, the PPsh-43 just slightly outperforms other assult infantry, by having decent range and a significantly better rate of fire. It's still rarely used in prectice, but good to keep in mind that your assult infantry compencates lack of bullet stopping HP with more HP eating bullets.

DP Light Machinegun

Although nothing special about this LMG, the soviet infantry core is built around the fact that there is no infantry support. The addition of a support machine gun prevents many deaths in your ranks

PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle

Formal AT support. It tickles armored units, but mostly helps around by dealing high alpha hits to infantry.

RPG43 Anti-Tank grenade

Somewhat weak anti-tank support. It's shorter ranged than other AT infantry, as the grenade is thrown by hand (don't ask why). With slower projectiles and only 75mm penetration, it's use is limited to stopping medium tank pushes. Even then, it's terrible accuracy will leave you looking for better solutions.

Maxim Heavy Machinegun

In the cheapest squad lies the most expencive HMG in the game - the maxim. With all stats focused on range and damage, it has less hitpoints than most HMG's and is pushed around by only one voluneer. When you manage to work around the instant death of the unarmed, superslow mobile form, you will be able to abuse the longest ranged constant-fireing HMG on the game, with only the GBR Vickers competing. Extreamly wide-angled, this support weapon is the gem of the soviet army.

Mosin-Nagant sniper

Expencive, blind and cloaked. Not much differs this sniper from other snipers, so use it like any other sniper: go for high-value targets, try not to die, etc... Unlike other sniper squads, making a sniper for the Soviets is not the cheapest way to get a scout


Armed with flowers and glasses, they attack the very land itself to reveal it's secrets. Attack ground to reveal a small patch of land (and decloak units there)

M1937 Mortar

An adequate mortar, capable of leveling everything from a standard enemy humanoid to light armor (sometimes light tanks even, if you're lucky) to buildings and deployed suport guns.


Your SpecOps in training, these volunteers have dropped their pitchforks only yesterday in favor of a Mosin rifle. Despite the rifle being the same, they are not aware of the proper orientation of the rifle and thus, death doesn't come out in the proper direction. They are, in all aspects, weaker versions of your riflemen: they are less accurate, use molotov coctails instead of proper grenades and have even less health. They do posses the ability to cloak, which brings the ability to not see a thing with it. Just like the rifleman, they scale supprisingly fast - if you can get an overwhealming amount of partisans, they will become more efficient in dealing with fleashy enemies then any other option you can put out, as long as you can keep them alive.