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Pzkpfw VI "Tiger" is one of the most well-known heavy tanks in history, an extremely powerful and destructive vehicle that served with distinction. It's full designation is Panzerkampfwagen (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) VI, nicknamed the "Tiger".


Despite having a higher Panzer registry number than the Panther (the Tiger is Pzkpfw VI while the Panther is Pzkpfw V), the Tiger was designed and fielded first out of a desire by German High Command to field an extremely heavy and capable combat tank to completely outclass its rivals, a goal that was accomplished until the arrival of heavy Soviet tanks in 1943 onwards. From 1942 until production switched over to the improved Tiger II in August 1944, 1,347 Tigers were built. Tigers were typically deployed in independent Schwere-Panzer-Abteilungen (heavy Tank Battalions) of 45 tanks, consisting of three companies of 14 Tigers and three additional command tanks with extra radios. Although intended to break through enemy lines, Tigers found themselves more often used in defensive ambush positions, where their heavy guns and armor could terrorize advancing Allied armor

Combat Performance

The Tiger is a beastly performer, combining heavy armour with an extremely long-ranged and accurate gun developed from the infamous 88mm anti-aircraft cannon. Several Tiger battalions achieved kill ratios of greater than 10:1 against Allied armor. It was easily able to outrange any Allied combat vehicle sent against it, and even if Allied tanks got into firing range against its frontal armor, their shells were effectively useless at all but near point blank ranges. Allied medium tanks had a better chance against the lighter side and rear armor, although only from closer ranges. Later Allied developments like the 17-pounder antitank gun, the IS-2 heavy tank and ISU-152 assault gun, and the SU-100 tank destroyer cut into the Tiger's superiority. The Tiger is best suited for standoff attacks, maximizing the advantage of its 88mm gun and minimizing the chances of being outflanked by swifter tanks. Despite its bulk, the Tiger can manage to outrun the more dangerous IS-2 and ISU-152.

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