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Vehicles provide logistical, transport, and light fire support to your forces in the form of very high mobility, thinly-armored packages.


Cheap and useful, trucks can transport infantry squads at very high speeds and deploy into a resupply area. This can be used for general transportation, as well as a risky attempt to raid your enemy.

When deployed, they provide a medium supply area for rearming units that require ammo.

Scout Cars

Despite the name, they are as blind as any other non infantry unit. In most cases the small amount of armor is used to get close to high value infantry units to later lay down suppresive fire. In effect, they are comparable to a lightly armored light machiner gunner infantry unit.

They are fast and lightly armored, but usually uncapable of dealing significant damage unless used in really large numbers.

Transport Halftracks & APCs

Halftracks are similar to trucks, but have a small amount of armor and a machine gun to help fight infantry. In addition to that, they have a small supply range, that is available without deployment, making them useful even in the later stages of the game. In comparison to trucks, they are much better suited for raiding poorly defended positions, as they can disable AA guns and enemy infantry in a short amount of time, but they cost more then double.

APCs are similar to hafltrack transports, but lack a weapon and a supply range in favor of armor.

Infantry Support & Armored Cars

This is a rather broad catagory, where you will find answeres to other lightly armored units. Although less efficient then lighter anti-infantry capable trucks and cars, they are more difficult to destroy without specialized weapons.

Anti-aircraft Vehicles

AA trucks vary in range and firepower depending on faction. Generally used to provide low level AA coverage for quickly advancing forces, that are expencive enough to provoke a sortie. Some AA trucks can also fire at ground targets.

Heavy Vehicles

They heaviest you'll find in this tier, they are extreamly hard to destroy without dedicated means and are usually generallistic in applications. They are no match to actual tanks, and are rather expencive for their abilities.

Engineering Vehicles

They only means of getting a tank yard. Unless you specificly want those tanks, there is no real reason to get these advanced constructors. As well as tank yards, supply depots are also exclusively made with this unit.

As an added bonus, this truck can build every building available to it's faction.

Vehicles by Nation


Great Britain

Soviet Union

United States